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2023-07-08Migrated server to Debian Bookworm (PHP 8.2), please report any issues
2023-07-07Site was down due to a failed database upgrade. Fixed that.
2020-12-30Restored site from backup due to server filesystem issues.
2020-07-09Updated A600 Rev 2A board description, PCB layout has several issues.
2020-02-22Added PCB opacity control
2019-06-03Added A4000T Rev.4 PCB
2019-05-23Moved amigapcb.org to a new server.
2018-11-18Added A2386SX PCB
2018-11-14Changed toolbar layout, moved PCB color selection to settings window. Added multilayer PCB support for upcoming boards
2018-07-24Server outage because root file system ran out of disk space. Whoops.
2018-07-20Moved amigapcb.org to a new server.
2018-06-24Disabled PCB outline rendering due to performance issues
2018-06-23Added CD32 Rev 3 PCB
2018-06-22Added A600 Rev 2A PCB
2018-06-21Added A1200 Rev 1D1 PCB, no code changes.
2018-04-25PCB Explorer is now available via HTTPS
2018-04-19Compatibility fix for MS Edge
2018-04-19PCB Explorer V2.1 is finally online. The old V1 has been moved to http://old.amigapcb.org/.
2018-04-17Reworked major parts of PCB Explorer, bumped version to V2.1. Please read the documentation for a complete list of changes and new features.
2017-08-15New front page layout
2017-07-31Added A4000D Rev 2 PCB, please report any issues you might encounter. Fixed a few minor bugs.

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